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Asbestos Removals

M&R Asbestos Company LTD is one of the leading Asbestos Management and Removal Firms in Cyprus. Having invested in our staff and assets we are able to undertake any given task in the field of asbestos as shown by our past projects.

We have the experience and the knowhow to deal with any problem with regards to asbestos and the capacity to undertake projects of any type and size.

Our work is based on the implementation of all current Asbestos Regulations/Legislation and keeping high standards on Health, Safety & Environmental issues.

Asbestos Surveys

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 the duty holder in non-domestic premises must manage the risk of Asbestos presence in premises. In order for the duty holder to be able to measure that risk caused by Asbestos, a Management Asbestos Survey Report must be prepared by a qualified Asbestos Surveyor. Prior to any refurbishment or a demolition works planned in premises, a Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey Report needs to be prepared by the Asbestos Surveyor, in accordance with the HSE Asbestos: The Survey Guide (Second edition, published 2012).

M&R Asbestos Company LTD employs qualified and experienced staff and sub-contractors to undertake these surveys and prepare Management or Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey Reports as evidently shown in the projects already carried out.

Asbestos Disposal / Transhipment

Following each asbestos removal, the waste material has to be disposed of accordingly. For asbestos waste removed from sites in the Republic Of Cyprus, the waste has to be stored inside closed ISO containers and at predetermined periods of time when the Old Asbestos Mine in Amiantos Village is open, the waste is transported and buried there under the supervision of the Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. In cases where the asbestos waste was removed from the British Bases, it is stored inside closed ISO containers in a designated Temporary Asbestos Storage Area and then Transhipped to UK where is buried at Authorised Sites.

M&R Asbestos Company LTD has the experience to provide these specialised services for any type of asbestos, in any form and capacity and from all areas island wide.


M&R Asbestos Company LTD is proud to employ the most experienced staff within the Cyprus Asbestos Industry and has close bonds with the biggest United Kingdom Asbestos Consultancy Companies having worked in a diversity of Civil Engineering Projects dealing with Asbestos. This gives us the confidence to understand any complex problems arising from the presence of any type of Asbestos Materials and we would be happy to share our knowledge with potential customers.

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